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Lviv, Ukraine
Design and realization
City Cafe
Total area 36 sqm

Photo by Yevhenii Avramenko

Team: Shpelyk Roman | Marko Oleksa 

Mitte is a small restaurant located in a newly developed district of Lviv, on the first floor of a residential building. The restaurant was opened in 2021 at the request of two brothers, Artem and Mykhailo Pavlenko, as their first venture into the restaurant business, which turned out to be a great success.е

Initially, the project posed a significant challenge as the available space was limited to just 36 square meters. Despite the constraints, a compact yet effective layout was implemented, making the space feel cosy and fostering a special atmosphere for interaction and gatherings.е

In a short period, Mitte transformed into a local hub, attracting a growing number of visitors seeking coffee and food. The café gradually evolved into a community centre, frequented by many young, progressive individuals. The owners' attention to food quality, atmosphere, and neighbourhood engagement contributed to the café's success.

The customer was actively involved in the construction and closely monitored all processes. Although there were occasional consultations post-project completion, the original designs and plans were faithfully executed without the need for intervention.

A particularly noteworthy feature is the layout of the bathroom. Due to space constraints, a functional transition area to the bar was lacking, and the bathroom's right angle was inconvenient. As a creative solution, a semicircular entrance was introduced to optimize space efficiency.

Local contractors were responsible for the construction, and elements such as birch plywood covered with veneer were used. Brass lamps and a mix of chairs, including vintage finds and custom-made pieces, contribute to the unique ambience of the restaurant.

Moreover, a strong collaboration between the manufacturer and the designer led to a meticulous realization of the project, with a deep understanding of the materials used, influencing the outcome significantly.