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Lviv, Ukraine
Design and realization
Residential apartment
Total area 68.6 sqm

Photo by Yevhenii Avramenko

Team: Shpelyk Roman | Marko Oleksa | Bilohan Iryna

Project #65 is an apartment in a new development in Lviv, closer to the city centre, on Zamarstynivska Street. Its owners are Zhenia and Olena. They are a young couple who decided to move from Odesa to Lviv some time ago.

Since the beginning of the project, we've been impressed by the diverse interests of our clients. Zhenia collects coins, while Olena has a passion for design and pays special attention to the interior of her home. Consequently, many items in the project were personally purchased and selected by the clients. Undoubtedly, the synergy between us was excellent, and we appreciate the unique elements they've added to the project.

We strongly believe that this is very important. When this happens, the customer enjoys the space more. This not only allows us to fulfil the project requirements properly but also to collaboratively generate bright and fitting solutions. That's why we traditionally communicate a lot during the project, ensuring that we are heading in the right direction and that everyone is satisfied with the visuals. Ultimately, the best results come when we don't just consider the customer's vision in the design process, but also when we establish an emotional connection with the person. It's crucial to find that moment of emotional connection when you meet someone, where visions align or diverge.

Regarding the project and its conceptual aspect, it could be considered a new form of modernism. However, we aim to avoid excessive loudness and do not seek to adhere to any specific style, such as Scandinavian minimalism. Instead, our approach emphasizes attention to details, surfaces, textures, and flooring. This sometimes leads to confusion when people associate our work with the Scandinavian trend. In reality, it is not minimalism as a style, but rather a combination of various schools and styles focused on simple lines.

The facility itself is small, at 68.6 square meters. While we received a specific layout from the developer, we decided to create a more spacious and open area by removing walls. We connected the kitchen, corridor, and living room to form a larger volume. Additionally, we built a separate bedroom and bathroom, along with a corridor area and a kitchen featuring a unique island design.

The heating was provided by concealed convection radiators. The furniture, including wardrobes, dressing rooms, kitchen components, living room table, corridor wardrobe, and shelving, was constructed by our trusted contractors from Lviv. We've built a strong team over the years, and together we always aim to create innovative products and take a responsible approach to our work. They were responsible for making most of the intricate large items.

In the kitchen, we began with the gas meter location. From there, we created a stylish area with an intriguing corner made of oak-veneered plywood. The kitchen also features oak elements, painted details, and herringbone oak parquet.

The rest of the items, such as dining chairs, kitchen table lamps, interior décor, ceramic vases, plants, records, and books, all belong to the owners. It's important to mention that they have a wide range of interests and are passionate about many things, which has added a lot of vibrancy to the project.

Another significant detail is that they have a cat. A separate piece of furniture was created for this esteemed resident: a litter box, which can be seen in one of our photographs.

The walls of the house are covered with a special artificial plaster to create a greater texture and relief. This creates interesting combinations of texture and wooden elements on the background walls.

The importance of texture and colour in this context creates a pleasant atmosphere, especially in the evening. When the walls are in harmony with the light, they create certain unexpected textures and depth. In the evening, while relaxing, you can stop and distract yourself from the daily hustle and bustle by listening to records at home.